DVDs & coffee


1580 Gurruchaga st.
mon. sat. 9am - 9pm
sun. 10am - 8pm
4832 1838

I love movies. Good movies that is. I also love a good coffee. It can be black (not too strong please), with milk (I miss soy milk!), cream or both if it's really cold outside.
Walking around palermo the other day, we came across a place that sells both movies and coffee. Before long we sat down for a lovely afteroon of coffee and films.
There are just a few tables on the main floor, but at the back there's a patio with a bigger sitting area. There's also another room at the very back of the store, but if you don't find a table, no problem, you can always browse around the other side of the store. There are hundreds of indie films from all over the world.
The service is not the best in the universe, but the place is new, so we have to give them a brake, but the coffee, the lemon cake and the little pieces of chocolate we got with the coffee were excellent. This place is a real find, given that the whole 'plaza serrano' area, is packed with super crowded, loud and plain lame places. So if you find yourself walking around the area, wondering where all these people came from, remember that right around the corner there's a place where you can buy good old dvds and a warm cup of the good stuff..