Coffee & tango


Cafe de los Angelitos
2100 Rivadavia Ave.
opened everyday 10am-10pm
4952 2320

A few days ago I went with my grandma for afternoon tea. As far as where to go, the decision was easy: Cafe de los Angelitos. She used go there for tango nights back in the 40's and it's down the street from her home (she's 88!).
At some point it closed its doors down, and remained derelict and empty for decades. Some neighbors even organized tango dancing nights in an attempt to collect some money to try to open it up again (including my grandma).
Eventually, it got renovated and it's become really popular once again. Needless to say it looks fantastic, very traditional.
She had te con leche and i had a big cafe con leche with (huge) crossaints. They have lots of different cakes and 'facturas', so there's plenty to choose from. For those who love tango they have dinner/shows several nights a week. So there you go, coffee and tango for everyone!