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Oui Oui
6068 Nicaragua st.
6099 Nicaragua st. & Dorrego ave.
4778 9614

No matter what happens in the world, I know that I can always come here and have some delicious waffles with tons of dulce de leche, or walnut cake, or amazing banana bread. The coffee is smooth, the lemonade is perfect and the sandwiches are just great. Oui Oui never lets me down.
They've just opened a branch right across the street. It's more of an 'almacen' (general store) so you can get your baked goods to go and cute groceries bags and home made jams. I think it's even better than the old one, really cozy. Keep in mind it might get a bit crowded on the weekends, so be ready to wait a few minutes, it's worth it!.