Cafe Kali

3 Years. 3 Years since my last visit to Buenos Aires. Too many things happened. Some good. Some really good. Some not so good. But no matter what, it always feels great to be back home. Buenos Aires is both familiar and foreign. Home and away from home. And that’s ok. 
One of the things that make me feel like home is the food. I know there are lots of cliches when it comes to food. Meat, wine, meat, more meat. 
As a vegetarian I always laugh at this but there’s some truth to the cliches. 
For my first morning, I wanted to go somewhere close to home for breakfast. Somewhere familiar, cozy and with good fresh food. 
Lucky me I found Cafe Kali. Fresh granola with yoghurt and seasonal fruits, strong and rich coffee, toast and jam and orange juice. That was my first morning in Buenos Aires. 
As I talked to the owners they told me they have just opened with the intention of bringing honest, good and fresh food to the neighbourhood. Away from the classic cliches of Argentinian food. They also serve many dishes for lunch and early ish dinner. Including a ‘Swedish’ salad. 
I went back for dinner last Saturday, where they had a small event, and it was really nice to see the place packed, with locals chatting the night away, drinking organic wine while eating. 
To me that’s the Buenos Aires that makes me feel like home. Good food, nice people and strong rich coffee.
Just as I remembered.