Facturas (a mini guide)

Wow. I haven't written on this blog in almost 3 years. Long time indeed. Where have I been? I'm living in Stockholm, studying and working hard (here's my Stockholm blog). It's Xmas soon and I should be out buying presents and thinking about Xmas sweaters and such.
But no, I'm slowly but surely updating this blog, which still gets a lot of visitors (thanks!) so I'm fixing the design and updating the content and posting a bit more often. So….
Facturas are an essential part of every day life in Buenos Aires. These freshly made pastries come with specific and sometimes funny names and everything from the way they are ordered at the bakery to the way they are eaten and shared is carefully choreographed. They are delicious and filling and to me they smell like childhood. They are sold at all bakeries and even at some supermarket these days. They are bought by the dozens and many locals buy them when visiting friends for mate and even for breakfast.
Here are my favourite ones:

. Tortita Negra: Roundish pastry covered in brown/semi burnt sugar. Amazing.
. Medialunas: AKA croissants.
. Cañoncitos: Flaky and roundish with a centre filled with dulce de leche. A bomb, indeed.
. Vigilantes: Who knows where the name came from, but this factorials are kinda like croissants but straight and covered in sugar and jam and or custard.
. Bolas de Fraile: Round and doughy and fatty. Fried and covered in sugar. Like a donut but without the whole.
. Churros: A classic best eaten with hot chocolate.
. Facturas de hojaldre: Flaky, sweet and crunchy. Triangles of flavoured perfection.