Voulez bar
3802 Cervino st.
4802 4817
mon/sat 9am-1am

So it's hot, Buenos Aires is empty and there's not much to do. What are the options? I guess most people would head to 'los bosques de Palermo' area, by the zoo, to walk around the lakes and trees. Maybe hire some rollerblades or one of those ridiculous peddaling boats. Personally, since i'm not into sports or boats, I tend to go for nice coffee (or ice coffee!) and sit by a sidewalk somewhere under the trees. Voulez bar is perfect for that. It's on the way to the Palermo lakes, so you can sit down for coffee or lemonade and then head to the lakes. The food is fresh with a french twist (from salads to amazing sandwiches). In the afternoon there are pastries and cakes that would make anyone happy, Even in this hot weather..